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Friday, September 28, 2012

September Wrap Up

4th Grade Students in Mrs. McBride's class have been learning about the life cycle of the Salmon. The pictures above show two groups after they completed a life cycle investigation where they decided the order of a Salmon's life cycle. In Reading students are continuing to develop their skills in learning Narrative Elements, Inferences, and Time Management during class. We are completing a short story, "My Name is Maria Isabel" and are halfway through the novel, SADAKO AND THE THOUSAND PAPER CRANES. In Social Studies with Mrs. Luebber students are finishing their Civics Unit. They completed their Rights and Responsibilities Scrolls as one of their Civic's Projects. The Unit One Math Assessment has been completed; Factors and Multiples and Liquid Measurements. Now students will be learning 1 digit by 2 digit multiplication. The GREEN GIANTS and PURPLE PEOPLE-EATERS are off to a great start!

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