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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Learning to S.O.A.R. in September

Another school week is behind us, and another one is before us. Luebber/McBride students have been working on learning to meet our school's S.O.A.R. expectations. They have practiced classroom transitions and walking respectfully in the hallway. On Friday they were showing marked improvement. Parents please continue to talk with your child to ask them how their school day went and what they did. Many students are turning in homework and participating well in classrooms. However, on Monday of this past week students who did not bring homework back to school completed had to go to the homework study room instead of out to recess. If your child is continually going to the homework room, please check out our afterschool tutoring program. Your child's successful learning is our goal. In reading we are learning more about narrative elements, text features, and summarizing. Also, students are working on learning more prefixes, root words, and suffixes. On Monday students will be learning about their Independent Reading Goals. In math students are reviewing 3rd grade math skills and practicing showing their work on story problems. They need to continue to work on their MULTIPLICATION FACTS! Ongoing is our school ASB fundraiser, selling butter braids. Parents and students who came to open house were treated to delicious samples. All students at Monument have a fund raising packet to sell Butter Braids. They are encouraged to try to sell 6 items. On Friday students were treated to a Mexican Dancers Assembly. The students really enjoyed seeing their peers and friends from Elementary through High School dancing. We are looking forward to another great week of learning at Monument Elementary!

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