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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumn Arrives - Learning Continues

Reading, 'Rithmetic, Social Studies, Science, & Writing Updates In Reading students are continuing to learn about narrative elements, inferences, summarizing, and genres. Students have completed two reading selections with assessments and the Fall Reading NWEA and Dibels Assessments. In Science students are learning about the water cycle and watersheds in our River of Power Science Unit. Students are truly engaged in our investigations and are building background for their Washington State Geography Social Studies Unit. In Math students are still learning their MULTIPLICATION FACTS. It is very important that they continue to practice to memorize their facts. Additionally, they are learning about factors and multiples (another reason to learn to multiply). The 3rd thing students are learning in math is "liquid capacity"; gallon, quart, pints, cups, and ounces. Students need to continue to do their homework practice to reinforce their skills. In Social Studies students have learned about the branches of government; legislative, judicial and executive. Also they have been discussing local governments and citizenship. Our writing program is also underway. We are working on students designing and writing about a personal heraldic shield. On their shield they place symbols that have meaning for them personally. Then students write an essay that explains their heraldic shield. This project connects students to our positive character traits. We are looking for to seeing and sharing their shields and essays in our classrooms and hallways.

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