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Sunday, October 7, 2012

On to October!

During the first week of October the Green Giants (Mrs. McBride's Homeroom students) and the Purple People Eaters (Mrs. Luebber's Homeroom students) continued learning their multiplication facts. Multiplication is the foundation form many math skills to come. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for students to work on memorizing their facts until they have them. Also, students are continuing work on factors and multiples. In Social Studies the Green Giants are now working on their Citizenship and Branches of Government Civics Project, while the Purple People Eaters are in Science learning about the Salmon of the Columbia River, the stakeholders on the river, and Washington State Water Rights. In reading students from both classes are still working on recognizing and using Narrative Elements to comprehend (understand) Realistic Fiction Selections. Students are completing their Heraldic Shields Writing Project in both classes. Their shields will be on display in the classrooms and in our halls. The 4th grade hallway also has the Completed Civics Projects of 4th Graders displayed. When you are in our building stop down and see what our students are learning. They truly are learning to S.O.A.R. to new heights!

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