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Thursday, November 15, 2012


This week our students and Mrs. Luebber and I are thankful that Parent-Student-Teacher conferences are behind us. It is important that we had the opportunity to meet with parents and update them on student progress or needs. Thank you to all of the parents, and other relatives who met with us during conference week. In reading we are over halfway through Theme 2: Be Satisfied with What You Have. This is a common fictional theme where greedy or too clever people get what is really due them, instead of what they want or envision. We also completed our first Reading Benchmark Assessment. Additionally, students have four independent reading projects due in 2nd Quarter. The 1st project is due on Friday, November 30 when they come to class. Each night students should be reading for 20 to 30 minutes and completing their other reading homework on Monday through Thursday. Checking your student's homework is one way you as a parent can help them be more successful. Our Science Unit on Columbia; The River of Power is wrapping up this week. Students will be able to transfer some of the knowledge they now have about the Columbia to their Social Studies Unit as they learn about Washington's Regions. Currently, in Social Studies students are completing their Washington Region Maps. Students have completed their first Math Benchmark assessment this week. They will be completing Unit 3 in Math; Multiplying double-digit by double-digit the week after Thanksgiving and taking their Unit Assessment then. If you stop in at the school, please come down to the 4th grade hallway and see our Giving Thanks Tree. Students from all 4th grade classes are contributing "Thankful Leaves".

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