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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reading Warriors!

This summer I read a great series of books by a new favorite author, Erin Hunter. Now if you are a reader and a cat lover you might recognize the author as the Creator of the "Warriors" series. I discovered a free kindle app for my Iphone and laptops. I read "Warriors; Books 1 -6" on my phone and laptop.

Once I learned how Rusty a kittypet transformed into the clan apprentice Firepaw I was hooked. Firepaw earns his way into the wild clan of cats and has many adventures with his best friend Graystripe. He learns how to provide and fight for his new family. From apprentice to warrior to Leader of the clan, Firestar's journey is interesting and action packed.

When I finished the Original Warrior Series, I moved on to "Warriors: The New Prophecy" series. Another six books! Then I couldn't help myself, I read Firestar's Quest and Skyclan's Destiny. I closed out the summer by reading "Warriors: The Omen of the Stars" series. At least books 1 through 4. Number 5 won't be published until later this year and book 6 won't be done until spring 2012. Bummer! I am on reading hold while I am waiting for the last two books in the series.

What do you do when you are waiting for one of your favorite author's new books? Well, I am reading all the ones that I have so far. I am rediscovering interesting twists and turns of the plots that I missed the first time through. Yes, I reread my favorite books several times. I really love reading. After this summer you could say that Mrs. McBride is a Reading Warrior. Reading opens worlds! I hope all of my students become Reading Warriors this year.

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